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Are you asking the right questions?

We all have the answers buried inside of us, but we need the guidance and space to let them out. I’ll help you clarify your purpose, discover your strengths, and achieve your greatness.  It’s time to get through to yourself!

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You found the goods.  Individual blog posts with incredible insight and never before told stories amassed over more than 75 hours of expert interviews.  How they built their good life, and how you can too.

About Chris

Chris is someone just like you.  He’s struggled, been beaten down, confused and overwhelmed. BUT – these moments form the learning curve of life and Chris is happy to share the long journey that led to his good life.

Thrive: The Manifesto

Defining how to thrive is tough! So I’m going to go ahead and do it for you.  Comments welcomed – let’s make it great!

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What do the experts say about achieving your good life?

  • Entrepreneurs on creativy
  • Psychologists on overcoming mental roadblocks
  • Educators on discovering your interests

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